The OFFICIAL Energy Alchemy Morning Routine Downloadable


The Energy Alchemy Morning Routine Checklist, For Girls Who Want to Co-Create Their Best Life

Are you ready to get more consistent when it comes to your self care, mindfulness and fitness routines? Do you often forget to meditate, to move first thing in the morning, to perhaps write in your little manifestation book and get clear on what you wish to accomplish on the day? These are all the things that this energy alchemy morning routine checklist is designed to help with.

Download it for free right now, print it off, and place it somewhere that you will see first thing in the morning and perhaps all through out the day.


The benefits of a consistent morning routine can be phenomenal 


If we want to become successful and happy, and also emotionally regulated then we definitely need a morning routine that consists of movement, meditation and gratitude. With practice we can form these new habits, but we need a sequential reminder in place, and this is where our morning routine checklist comes into play.

Customise how you like, but make sure that you get into the habit of priming yourself to become the grateful observer of your mind, first thing in the morning- the last thing we want to do is start our day on auto-pilot and keep going back to operating unconsciously throughout the day.

See our tagline on our apparel? It says visualize the future you- because we believe visualisation is a powerful tool, and so do many other neuroscientists and thought leaders too! 

Why We Created The Energy Alchemy Morning Routine 

For years, I've delved into the intriguing world of energy alchemy. Lately, my focus has been on mastering my thoughts, starting each day with intentionality, and navigating my ADHD mind by fostering gratitude over excessive overthinking and stress.

Despite this journey, I found myself struggling to maintain consistency in my mornings. The pattern of waking up and diving straight into work, extending into late hours, became a norm, often overshadowing my self-care routine. I recognized that I'm not alone in facing this challenge.

In search of a solution, I needed a tangible, aesthetically pleasing reminder that I could incorporate into my mornings and nights. That's when the energy alchemy morning routine became my beacon!


 Benefits of a Morning Routine For Manifestation & Increased Allignment

This transformative morning routine is your ticket to becoming a conscious co-creator of your life. Make it a non-negotiable rule to start your day with at least 15 minutes of meditation. But remember, not just any meditation will do. Choose the kind that allows you to visualise, deeply feel, and wholeheartedly believe.

You don't even need guided meditation, you have everything it takes to do it on your own, but from reading Dr Joe Dispenza's book, I can tell you that his goal for his students is to help them change their brain waves and enter a certain zone.

I suggest getting his book if you genuinely want to connect with the quantum field. and if i could, I wish we could all connect our brains to his machine to measure our brain waves and know when we have connected.

 The energy alchemy morning routine checklist for manifestation

Whats In The Energy Alchemy Morning Routine?

All the most important parts of a successful energy alchemy/ morning routine are in there. Every point that we need as beginners to start our journey into becoming conscious co-creators!

From getting out into the sun first thing in the morning, getting fresh air, (doing breath work if you are keen to take it to that level and experience the benefits, all the way through to sitting down and getting still, becoming the observer of your thoughts, and then, visualising to remember who you wish to embody and be.

We end the meditation with writing down our goal and intention for the day, it could be as simply yet as important as saying ' today my goal is to stay in the present moment' and not get lost in my auto-pilot and often toxic thoughts and behaviours.

That right there is a BIG deal and a hard goal to achieve, but the ultimate goal of mindfulness & energy alchemy practices.

We are creating a NEW you, and it takes practice...

Energy Alchemy, And The Grounds Behind Dr Joe Dizpenza's Works

Remember, Dr. Joe Dispenza's teachings on manifestation are grounded in the realms of neuroscience, quantum physics, and the profound mind-body connection. He reveals how our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs emit energetic vibrations that interact with the quantum field, ultimately shaping the reality we experience.

However, Dr. Dispenza is just one among many thought leaders throughout history who have delved into these profound concepts. Even Einstein himself emphasised the paramount importance of imagination. And he was absolutely right!

Have you ever started your day really positive and grateful then noticed more good things occur? Exactly! With a good morning lifestyle routine we can that kind of thing happen more often- an attitude of gratitude works wonders!

Download your new morning routine checklist now