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Unlock the Key to Vitality: Alkaline Balance Shopping Cheat Sheet

Introducing the Alkaline Balance Shopping Cheat Sheet!

Hey girl, for years I stayed oblivious and ignorant to the subject of maintaining healthy pH levels, but since being in the fitness industry, I have had to learn about all sorts of things, and this is one important factor of maintaining a healthy mind, body & soul.

Even in ancient cultures they were aware of how to maintain healthy and balanced acidic states in their body, but in todays mainstream processed society, our diets are not balanced.

I learned to drink less coffee, instead have warm water and lemon, and to reduce consumption of too much red meat, and today we are going to share the cheat sheet with you!

Why is pH balance important, you may ask?

Well, maintaining the right pH level is vital for overall well-being and minimising the risk of disease and imbalances. By focusing on alkaline-forming foods, you can support your body's natural ability to thrive.

What do you get with our Alkaline Balance Shopping Cheat Sheet?

  1. A breakdown on what pH levels are, why its important to keep your alkaline levels in check and how it all works.

  2. Handy Shopping Tips: Learn how to navigate the grocery store like a pro. We provide a list of fruits, vegetables and grains to include in your shopping cart. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to informed choices!

Remember, achieving an alkaline balance isn't about restriction—it's about embracing a vibrant, energising lifestyle that energizes you to thrive.

Take charge of your health and unlock the benefits of an alkaline diet today.

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